26 October, 2020

In Diebus illis 2020 - 2021

Over the past year, we have been tracing the beginnings of the Church in Australia. Even the story of pioneering days is so immense that preparing well-researched articles for presentation on this blog is a time-consuming process.

The portrait of Archbishop Polding in the refectory of
Saint John's College, University of Sydney.
Image : Giovanni Portelli Photography

The following is an outline of the subject matter we intend to present over the ensuing year, covering the period 1788 - 1835 :

The challenges of establishing Christianity in a Penal Colony

The convict priests 1800 - 1810 : Fathers Dixon, Harold and O'Neill

Initiatives by laypeople to build-up a Community of Faith in the Colony

The ministry of Father O'Flynn in Sydney 1817-1820

The arrival of the first permanent chaplains, Fathers Therry and Conolly.

The foundation of Saint Mary's Cathedral, Sydney 1821.  

Other pioneering priests : Fathers Power, Dowling and McEncroe

The work of Father Ullathorne OSB, first Vicar General.


Amongst these posts will be our ongoing work to publish the life, work and writings of Archbishop Polding OSB

A great deal of effort is made to present our Australian Catholic story on this blog with as much accuracy as possible.  Many others have and continue to present this story, but we believe that it is convenient to present it in one place, in a united way : a continuous story of fumbling steps, faith and hard work in discouraging circumstances.


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