21 August, 2020

Hyde Park 1871

Image : National Library of Australia.

This wonderful engraving appeared in the Sydney Illustrated News in December 1871.  It was based on a sketch made from the tower of Saint James' Anglican church, King Street.  The principal subject of the engraving is Hyde Park, but buildings along Elizabeth Street and College Street can be clearly seen.  Some of those buildings still exist.

In the left-hand corner can be seen the remnant of old Saint Mary's Cathedral, reduced to a facade after the disastrous fire of 1865.  A pyramidal roof was added to the half-constructed tower circa 1868 and the bells of the Cathedral were located there for about 30 years, before the new Cathedral was sufficiently completed to give the bells their present home.

This enlargement of the engraving shews the facade of 
old Saint Mary's Cathedral, facing west into Hyde Park.

Click on the images for an enlarged view.


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