31 January, 2020

Darlinghurst Hill 1835

Looking across to old Saint Mary's Cathedral in 1835.

When Bishop John Bede Polding arrived in Sydney in September 1835, the landscape of the city was very different indeed and yet, a number of building remain intact after almost 200 years.

This watercolour by Frederick Garling was painted looking north-west from Darlinghurst Hill in 1835.  

In the middle ground is shewn old Saint Mary's Cathedral (indicated by a star) and the small group of buildings associated with the Church.  This view of the old Cathedral is from its east end and illustrates the small apse where the High altar was situated.  Old Saint Mary's was destroyed by fire in 1865.

Above Saint Mary's can be seen the spire of Saint James's church in King Street; over to the right, the Hyde Park Barracks and the buildings of the Hospital and Parliament House.  These buildings are all still much as they were today as they were in the year 1835.



This watercolour is in the Collection of the State Library of NSW.

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