01 April, 2019

The Gothic Revival in Australia : 2

Gothic Revival
Archbishop Roger Bede Vaughan OSB
Archbishop of Sydney 1877 - 1883.
An engraving of 1878.
When Archbishop Polding died in March 1877, his Coadjutor, Roger Bede Vaughan, succeeded him as the Archbishop of Sydney.  Archbishop Vaughan had been a monk at Downside Abbey, England, before arriving in Australia in 1873.  He also shared the enthusiasm for Gothic taste in liturgical paraments and architecture.

In January, 1878, Archbishop Vaughan received the symbol of his office as Metropolitan Archbishop when the pallium was conferred upon him in Saint Mary's Pro-Cathedral.  To commemorate this occasion, several photographic portraits were taken of the Archbishop, vested in pontificals.  One of these photographs was reproduced as an engraving, which we are pleased to include here.  

Noteworthy is that the Archbishop is vested in a simple white Gothic Revival chasuble and an elaborate Gothic Revival mitre. He is also wearing Episcopal gloves and the pallium.  The mitre and the crosier are still preserved in the treasury of Saint Mary's Cathedral.  A photograph of the mitre, in its present rather faded condition, is given below.  It is extensively embroidered, with jewels enriching it.  One peculiarity - distinctly Gothic - is the metal filigree work which runs along the upper edge of the mitre on both sides of the front, terminating in a jewelled Cross.

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Gothic Revival
The precious mitre of Archbishop Roger Bede Vaughan OSB.
Image : Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

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