11 March, 2019

Station on the Polding Walk 2 : Newtown

Saint Joseph's Church, Newtown.
The old stone church of Saint Joseph at Newtown is well-known to Sydney-siders and travellers because the nearby rail line passes by the church on its way to Central Station.  Thousands see Saint Joseph's each day.

The building is hardly altered from the day it was opened on Sunday 25th May, 1869.  Archbishop Polding blessed Saint Joseph's on that day; its pastor and founder was the French missioner Father Joseph Marie Garavel.

Father J M Garavel (1824-1885)
First Pastor of Newtown 1865-1869

Saint Joseph's will be the second Station on the Polding Walk 2019 with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament being celebrated at 11am.

10am : Office of Terce 

Church of Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Lewisham 

11am : Benediction 

Church of Saint Joseph, Newtown 

12.15pm : Office of Sext 

S’ John’s College, University of Sydney, Camperdown 

12.30pm : BBQ Luncheon 

2.45pm : Office of None 

Church of Saint Benedict Broadway 

4pm : Office of Vespers 

Crypt of Saint Mary’s Cathedral

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