14 March, 2019

Station on the Polding Walk 4 : Broadway

Saint Benedict's church Broadway, depicted in the 1950s.
Image :  https://www.flickr.com
The venerable Church of Saint Benedict at Broadway in Sydney is amongst the oldest churches in Australia, being commenced in 1845 and consecrated in 1862.  Between those years, it was constructed in several stages.  Saint Benedict's was designed by the famed English architect of the Gothic Revival AWN Pugin, who based his design on a mediaeval church in Islington (London).  Between 1939 and 1941, two-thirds of the old church was taken down and then re-built on a smaller scale.  Over the years, Saint Benedict has been well maintained, but has also been the victim of many unsatisfactory interior "restorations", not least so as recently as 2005.  In a future post, we will give more information about this important and historic building.

On the Polding Walk, the Office of None will be sung at Saint Benedict's at 2.45pm.

Interior of Saint Benedict's Church Broadway
Image : chalkandcheesephotography.com

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